The Day the EPA Went Down

A novel of evil, redemption, and exploding chili

When EPA Branch Chief, Joseph Toler, is faced with massive budget cuts, he asks his employees to devise revenue-enhancing projects. The employees’ brainstorming leads to the most outrageous suggestions in the annals of government, (Or are they?). Their ideas range from comic to diabolically chilling. Meanwhile, the mysterious Hal Noh, a former contractor who lost his contract in a classic catch 22, devises and carries out the most perfect act of revenge that could be inflicted on a bureaucracy. Between these two is Charles Edgerly, emblematic of the consummate bureaucrat. Charles seems forever to shuffle through the halls as he invents acronyms–to him the highest expression of mankind’s use of language.

Toler, caught between the absurdity of the need for revenue enhancement and his desire to make a difference in the world, is redeemed. Hal Noh is vindicated. The bureaucracy personified by Charles Edgerly seems doomed, but flinches and marches on.

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