The Best Camera To Have

An old adage among photographers goes something like this: The best camera is the one you have with you. I have found the best camera I have with me all the time is my iPhone 12 Pro Max. And yes I know it has already been superseded by the 13, which I have yet talked myself into, but if it is a real improvement, it must be uber fantastic. I love my iPhone 12 and highly recommend it to anyone who not only wants to take pictures but also wants to do some serious photography. Sometimes you even can do both at the same time by accident.

Shortly after getting my new phone I was walking along the Mary Carter Nature Trail along the South Platte River with Martha and our dog Margo. Martha, knowing how much I like to photograph flowers, called my attention to a stand of sunflowers. I approached and snapped well-framed shot. Little did I know as I snapped that an intruder would make the shot. I always look for flower shots with bees in them, but this was unbelievable:

In all fairness, I did crop the image to help it better fill the frame. It is the kind of shot you can only dream of, or you might get by shooting with a full-blown Nikon with a macro-lens and the burst setting. Had I not had the capabilities of the iPhone 13 Max I doubt I could have gotten this result.

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