The Owl Has Landed


The ink is dry. The quills have been returned to their holders. Owl in the Ruins: An Imagined Biography of the Man Who Arrested Jesus is now sitting on its perch at Amazon waiting to fly to you for your enjoyment.

Owl in the Ruins takes you along  on a journey with Malchus, the man who arrested Jesus, from his childhood dreams of heroism against the Romans to the real life nightmares of war.  You will see how a group of boyhood pals are separated into opposite sides of life by the messianic Jeshua. You will find out, through the imagination of the author, of course, what happened to the mysterious Barabbas who was released so that Jesus could die. You will be taken from the heights of Masada to the depths of Hades to …to … to places only a man who cannot die can go as he learns that to never die is not the same as living forever.

Owl in the Ruins has been described by one Amazon review as “. . . a fun, enjoyable read, fascinating and intelligent. Brown took one fragment of the greatest story ever told, lifted from the depths of Christianity’s headwaters and turned it into an exciting page turner.” Another Amazon reviewer, Nancy T., said, Owl in the Ruins  “hooked me from the beginning and kept me engaged,” while a third reader, Holly S, described it thus:”Excellent prose, much history, and great character development. A wonderful read for those of us who perhaps grew up in Christian households and never thought to explore beyond the Bible stories.”

It is available on Amazon, of course, for your Kindle or as a paperback. It can also be ordered from Barnes & Noble

Owl in the Ruins would make an excellent read for your book club, as it suggests many questions for discussion.



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