Did King Solomon Drink Coffee?

SOng of Solomon coffee mug If King Solomon drank coffee, I’m sure he would want to have one of these mugs to present to his lover for Valentines Day. There probably wasn’t a Valentines Day when Solomon was king, but he didn’t need a special day for his lover. Besides being pretty darn wise when it came to running the kingdom, he was also pretty darn good when it came to writing love poetry. In fact, it is my opinion that The Song of Solomon is one of the most passionate love poems ever written. That’s why I’ve combined the beginning of it with other symbols of love to create this coffee mug  perfect for a Valentines present or for any other time you want to tell her or him about your love.

Here’s an idea: Brew up a couple of cups of steaming coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and read The Song of Solomon together.
Steamy is the operative word here.
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