Coffee and a Place to Put It


Indeed, why risk it. If you are a writer trying to finish your great novel, or you are a photographer out trying to get that perfect landscape shot at the morning golden hour, or you are just an ordinary human being crawling out of bed, you know that coffee is the universal life force, the necessary elixir, the life support system – well you get the idea. Coffee may not be any of those things, but are you the one willing to find out? No, a day without coffee may not kill you, but why risk it. And why not remind yourself every day that it’s not worth the risk, as you take your first sip of the day from this great mug I have designed for you. To get one of your own, just click here.

Perhaps you are newly retired or know someone who is about to be or has been retired for awhile. Looking for a gift for a retired person?  How about a coffee cup I’ve designed especially for a retiree ? Click here.

And let’s not forget writers. How about mugs I’ve designed to help keep writers confused about all those pesky grammar rules (that aren’t really rules at all)  while they enjoy a cup of coffee. Click here.

If you just like beauty with your coffee, how about a mug bearing some of my flower pictures? Click here.

You can also survey a variety of other cups. Click here.

Whichever you choose, I can’t promise your coffee will never taste as good as it will in one of these mugs. But why risk it?

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