Lucian Wurhmwuhd returns, sort of

Finally after all these weeks I am able to make the big announcement I’ve promised. When I originally posted that a big announcement would be coming soon, I thought I had all the Ts crossed and the I’s dotted; but as it turned out I made my promise prematurely.  You can rest assured that I have been working behind the scenes to bring off a major coup, at least in terms of who it involves.

I have been in negotiations with my old friend Lucian Wurhmwuhd to make available again his award winning book The Day the EPA Went Down: a novel of evil, redemption, and exploding chili. And there is a chance (drum roll please) I may have convinced him that writing an occasional piece on my website will not blow his cover, will not cause harm to his reclusivity, will not in any way interfere with the privacy he so dearly treasures. I am hoping that maybe in the next several months I may be able to coax him to become just a little bit more public.  It’s a stretch, but both he and I are more aware of how much closer we are to the finish line, and I’m going to leverage that awareness to try to get him to give just a bit of himself to his adoring public.

Bottom line – Lucian has agreed to make autographed copies of The Day the EPA Went Down: a novel of evil, redemption, and exploding chili, available on In fact that is a fait accompli. When you go to Amazon, either through the link here on or by googling  The Day the EPA Went Down, you will find a few used copies pop up. Be sure to hit the “All Buying Options” button and scroll down to my listing to get the autographed copy.

Here is the last known photo of Lucy, as his few friends affectionately know him.

Last photo of Lucian

I call this to your attention in the hope that among you is someone, somewhere who may have a clue as to where Lucian is. He and I have been in sporadic communication over the last few years by cell phone, but not being some kind of government agency myself I do not have the resources to triangulate his signals to try to find him.

I finally convinced Lucy that the time is right to reintroduce to a whole new generation his masterpiece on the dangers of bureaucracy. The presidential election certainly has brought to attention the debate once again of whether government is the solution to our problems or perhaps the cause of most of them. That new generation I refer to does not even know how intimately associated with the Clinton scandals Lucy’s book was. That association is a topic all of its own and one I hope to have Wurhmwuhd write about himself here in the near future. And more specifically, the EPA itself has come under closer scrutiny for its bungling of clean-up projects in Colorado and other places in which the agency that is charge with protecting the environment has been a major polluter. I’m sure Lucy Wurhmwuhd will want to share with yours thoughts about the crazy science behind some that agency’s policies and pronouncements.

Watch this space for Lucian Wurhmwuhd to re-enter the fray.

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